The focus of Embedded System Lab is to address the fundamental challenges in design and validation of computer systems. Specifically, we are interested in developing novel techniques and efficient tools for design automation of embedded and reconfigurable systems, energy-aware computing, hardware/software verification, and post-silicon debug.

Research Interests

Embedded Systems: System-level modeling, design space exploration, HW/SW partitioning, lossless compression, real-time scheduling, and application-specific optimizations for improving area, power, performance, temperature and reliability.
Energy-aware Computing: Energy-aware design and optimizations techniques at various abstraction levels including system, architecture, circuits and device levels using a combination of both design- and rum-time reconfiguration techniques.
Hardware Verification: Validation using a combination of simulation based techniques and formal methods, processor validation, instruction-set simulation, validation of system-on-chip designs, directed test generation.
Post-Silicon Debug: Trace signal selection for observability improvement, efficient debug hardware design, high-level debug of post-silicon traces, techniques to reduce post-silicon validation and debug effort.
Trustworthy Systems: Static and dynamic healing techniques to improve reliability of computer systems through memory based computing, temperature-aware optimizations and energy reduction techniques, validation and evaluation of IP security and trust.

Ongoing Research Projects

  Title   Sponsors   Lead Researchers   Duration
Attacks on Deep Learning Systems   FC2 Seed   Yangdi Lyu   2018 - 2019
SoC Security Verification   Cisco   Alif Ahmed   2018 - 2019
Side Channel based Trojan Detection   Raytheon   Yangdi Lyu   2017 - 2018
Verification of IP Trust   Cisco   Farimah Farahmandi   2016 - 2018
Computer Systems Security   US Dept. of Education   Six GAANN Fellows   2015 - 2018
Coverage Analysis without Monitors   IBM   Farimah Farahmandi   2015 - 2018
Reconfiguration for Adaptive Computing   National Science Foundation   Subodha Charles   2015 - 2018
Validation of IP Security and Trust   National Science Foundation   Farimah Farahmandi   2014 - 2017

Recently Completed Projects

  Title   Sponsors   Lead Researchers   Duration
Validation of IP Security and Trust   SRC   Yuanwen Huang   2014 - 2017
Post-Silicon Validation and Debug   NSF   Kamran Rahmani   2012 - 2017
Authentication using Intrinsic Identifiers   Harris Seed Fund   Yuanwen Huang   2016 - 2016
Functional Verification of Multicore Architectures   NSF (CAREER)   Xiaoke Qin   2008 - 2014
Dynamic Reconfigurations in Real-Time Systems   NSF+SRC (MCDA)   Weixun Wang   2009 - 2013
Trace Signal Selection for Observability Improvement   Intel   Kanad Basu   2011 - 2012
Lossless Compression and Embedded Encryption   NSF (CSR)   Xiaoke Qin   2009 - 2011
SOC Validation using SystemC Transaction Level Models   Intel   Mingsong Chen   2006 - 2009