Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration for Soft Real-Time Systems

This tool enables dynamic cache configuration to improve performance and reduce energy consumption without violating task deadlines. It statically profiles a set of tasks to determine the best cache configuration for each task phase and stores in a configuration table. Next, it utlizes the information from the configuration table to tune (dynamically reconfigure) the cache parameters during simulation (runtime) of differents tasks. Finally, it produces the energy saving results.

Fig.1 Overview of Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration
The structure of our tool

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   Version 0.1       Jun 21, 2013       Algorithm developed by Weixun, Mishra and Ross [J1]

Journal Articles

J1 Weixun Wang, Prabhat Mishra and Ann-Gordon Ross, Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration for Soft Real-Time Systems, ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS), volume 11, issue 2, article 28, 31 pages, July 2012.