System-Level Validation
High-Level Modeling and Directed Test Generation Techniques

Authors:    Mingsong Chen, Xiaoke Qin, Heon-Mo Koo, and Prabhat Mishra
Publisher:   Springer, 2012
ISBN:   978-1-4614-1358-5
        Modeling and Specification of SoC Designs
        Automated Generation of Directed Tests
        Functional Test Compaction
        Property Clustering and Learning Techniques
        Decision Ordering based Learning Techniques
        Synchronized Generation of Directed Tests
        Test Generation using Design and Property Decompositions
        Learning-Oriented Property Decomposition Approaches
        Directed Test Generation for Multicore Architectures
        Test Generation for Cache Coherence Validation
        Reuse of System-Level Validation Efforts

About this Book:

This book covers state-of-the art techniques for high-level modeling and validation of complex hardware/software systems, including those with multicore architectures. Readers will learn to avoid time-consuming and error-prone validation from the comprehensive coverage of system-level validation, including high-level modeling of designs and faults, automated generation of directed tests, and efficient validation methodology using directed tests and assertions. The methodologies described in this book will help designers to improve the quality of their validation, performing as much validation as possible in the early stages of the design, while reducing the overall validation effort and cost.