Dynamic Reconfiguration in Real-Time Systems
Energy, Performance and Thermal Perspectives

Authors:    Weixun Wang, Prabhat Mishra and Sanjay Ranka
Publisher:   Springer, 2012
ISBN:   978-1-4614-0277-0
        Modeling of Real-Time and Reconfigurable Systems
        Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration in Real-Time Systems
        Energy Optimization of Cache Hierarchylticore Systems
        Energy-Aware Scheduling with Dynamic Voltage Scheduling
        System-Wide Energy Optimization with DVS and DCR
        Temperature- and Energy-Constrained Scheduling

About this Book:

Given the widespread use of real-time multitasking systems, there are tremendous optimization opportunities if reconfigurable computing can be effectively incorporated while maintaining performance and other design constraints of typical applications. The focus of this book is to describe the dynamic reconfiguration techniques that can be safely used in real-time systems. This book provides comprehensive approaches by considering synergistic effects of computation, communication as well as storage together to significantly improve overall performance, power, energy and temperature. Provides a comprehensive introduction to optimization and dynamic reconfiguration techniques in real-time embedded systems; Covers state-of-the-art techniques and ongoing research in reconfigurable architectures;Focuses on algorithms tuned for dynamic reconfiguration techniques in real-time systems; Provides reference for anyone designing low-power systems, energy-/temperature-constrained devices, and power-performance efficient systems which execute tasks with timing constraints.